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Our companies started working since 2015 in Istanbul/Turkey which aim on helping investors and individuals from all over the world to find the best homes , shops , lands and businesses all over Turkey.

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Chairman word

An introduction to Mr. Ahmed Kabbash, General Manager of Al-Kabash Real Estate Companies Group
Born a. Ahmed Kabbash grew up in Egypt, where he finished his university education
Then I moved to live and work in Turkey and established the beginning of his companies Be2Be Real Estate, which was a stepping stone towards the summit and a transformation of my destiny with his work life and his professional future, and for the success of the idea and work, thanks to God, a group of companies was opened and were all gathered under the slogan of the real estate rams.

He holds a business administration degree from the American University in Turkey
He is considered one of the most important Arab businessmen and investors in Turkey, as he has many successful investments in all fields, including real estate, industrial, agricultural, and more distinguished projects.
He also obtained a certificate approved by the Turkish government as a real estate consultant recognized by the Turkish government, which gave a feeling of happiness and safety to all real estate customers and investors.
Professor Ahmed Kabbash continues his progress in his bright career in Turkey.

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